Vol 2 | 1 Issue 2015Diplomacy

President of Latvia: Andris Bērziņš

By  •  5 months ago

“By exploiting its historical experience and geographical situation, Latvia can do much and be a cusp between the East and the West.” According to the Latvian perspective as regards priorities …
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Vol 1 | 1 Issue 2014EventsDiplomacy

South Africa celebrates its 20 years of Freedom

By  •  6 months ago

20 years ago in South Africa the apartheid system that lasted for 46 years, was over and young people who were born after the abolishment of the apartheid system could …
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Vol 1 | 1 Issue 2014InterviewDiplomacy

In-depth Zimbabwe’s foreign relations: Grace Tsitsi Mutandiro, The Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Austria

By  •  7 months ago

In early 2014 the European Union reviewed its relations with Zimbabwe and took a further step towards normalisation of those relations. Also a report from earlier this year, by Chatham …
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Vol 3 | 2 Issue 2016InterviewDiplomacy

Dr. Kire Ilioski – Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Macedonia to the United Nations, OSCE and other International Organizations in Vienna

By  •  11 months ago

As a career diplomat Ambassador Ilioski has been entrusted with several different important diplomatic tasks. Throughout his career, he served as a Head of the Permanent Mission for the Republic …
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Vol 2 | 1 Issue 2015Diplomacy

“Peace, stability, working together and unity are the secret of the success in Namibia.”

By  •  2 years ago

Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah was born at Onamutai in Oshana Region in Namibia during the times of occupation by South Africa. She went into exile and joined SWAPO members in Zambia. At …
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