The Council of Central European Consular Corps

Honorary Consuls working in Central Europe created a new cross-border organisation in Budapest in April 2020 under the name of Council of the Central European Consular Corps. Among others, the Council aims to coordinate arts and cultural events, to hold consultations at the planning stage and to implement joint programmes in every sector of cooperation, while asserting economic interests.



Ageing Europe

In addition to climate change and digitalisation, ageing is one of the largest challenges facing society in the 21st century. Adverse demographic trends can be observed in almost all countries in Europe, as fertility rates are below replacement level in these countries. In addition to the fact that Europe today is the continent of empty cradles, it is well known that the world’s population is rapidly ageing.



Born to make wine

The motto of the family has proven to be true, and now more than ever. So, after centuries of tradition, the new generation, Lisa, is still passionately dedicated to wine-growing. In late autumn of 2015, she created her own wine series, “OFFSPRING by Pfneisl”.



World University Ranking 2021

QS, one of the world’s most reputable company specialising in the analysing and ranking of higher education institutions, released its latest ranking, QS World University Ranking 2021, on 10 June, which ranks more than a thousand higher education institutions of 93 countries.

Let’s discover Normandy!

In the recent weeks and months, due to the pandemic, we have only been able to reach the stunning landscapes of Europe and other continents virtually. Now that the world is slowly awakening, travellers will once again get hope…
Whether raw, barren, gentle green, playful, romantic, Normandy is a world of contrasts, an ideal destination if you are looking for a wonderful journey.

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The Finest Art of Luxury Living

Understated luxury combines with elegant design to form the peak of Alpine living. Close to the slopes, The Crystal is your four-star superior hotel in the Ötztal, where a touch of glamour panders to your senses, exclusive living stirs your emotions, and superior service impresses you.

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“A vibrant and dynamic city” – Galway

Galway is the largest city in Ireland’s western province of Connacht. It is a lively university town and is considered to be one of the main centre of Irish folk music. Today, with a population of 65,000, it is the fastest growing city in Europe and is still adhering to its traditions. It is well known for its art galleries and shops, most of which are located in the charming medieval quarter of the city.

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Wonderland of Garden Fantasies

The Wonderland of Garden Fantasies invites you on a journey through the variety of designed nature. Experience the change of flora and decorations throughout the seasons and let yourself be enchanted by the sea of flowers, fragrant plants and the sound of nature. Stroll through the gardens, from one blossom to the next, passing creative garden designs and unforgettable places with amazing in- and out sights. Enjoy the garden with all senses and during all seasons.

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New environmentally friendly jobs for the new decade

The world around us changes all the time; the only thing that is constant is change. Old things and old ways die out from disuse or undergo major changes, while new, previously unknown or little-known sciences and occupations emerge as a corollary of technical progress. However, the questions naturally arise not only which jobs will survive, and what jobs will emerge, but also how these jobs will relate to the environment. Human impact on the environment has never been greater than in the last hundred years.

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2020 Beethoven Anniversary

In our days, Beethoven is the most listened to and most frequently performed classical composer in the world. His works are passionate, catching the audience’s ears and heart with his tunes in no time. His works were beyond his age and are part of the cultural heritage of mankind. His only opera, Fidelio, is a celebration of freedom, nature and power of creation. His Ode to Joy from his Symphony No. 9. has become the European anthem.

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