From CEO to Consul General

The Consul General of Hungary in Stuttgart, Mr. János Berényi: “In the business world... I also believe that a fair, face-to-face negotiation, a sincere look and a decent handshake, that is, mutual trust are crucial for the acceptance of each other, dealing with problems and for the better understanding of each other.“



New environmentally friendly jobs for the new decade

The world around us changes all the time; the only thing that is constant is change. Old things and old ways die out from disuse or undergo major changes, while new, previously unknown or little-known sciences and occupations emerge as a corollary of technical progress. However, the questions naturally arise not only which jobs will survive, and what jobs will emerge, but also how these jobs will relate to the environment. Human impact on the environment has never been greater than in the last hundred years.



Wonderland of Garden Fantasies

The Wonderland of Garden Fantasies invites you on a journey through the variety of designed nature. Experience the change of flora and decorations throughout the seasons and let yourself be enchanted by the sea of flowers, fragrant plants and the sound of nature. Stroll through the gardens, from one blossom to the next, passing creative garden designs and unforgettable places with amazing in- and out sights. Enjoy the garden with all senses and during all seasons.



The Future of 5G Network

5G is known as the 5th generation of the mobile network. It’s going to take a much bigger role compared to previous generations. 5G will raise the mobile networks to interconnect individuals, yet in addition, interconnect and regulate machines, devices, and objects. It will produce new degrees of execution and effectiveness that will enable distinct user experiences and associate new enterprises. 5G will allow multi-Gbps peak data rates, ultra-low stagnancy, massive storage, and a greater uniform user experience.

Adriatic forever

The historic Croatian costal city of Rijeka marked the start of its year as European Capital of Culture 2020. Rijeka’s motto “Port of Diversity” complements the EU’s slogan “Unity in Diversity”. Check out our recommendation to find a place to stay.
Jadran Hoteli owns and operates 3 city hotels in Rijeka, a boarding house in Kostrena, a tourist resort Uvala Scott and Campsite Oštro in Kraljevica.

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Sail into the Port of Diversity and get to know Rijeka

In 2020, during the Croatian EU Presidency, Rijeka, as the largest Croatian port, will become the centre of a significant and extensive culture and arts programme and the host city for the best and most interesting artists from the global, Croatian and European cultural scenes – in the same year when it is the European Capital of Culture.

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Holy Nights

Christmas is one of the most beautiful holidays in the Christian world. It is a special day often not free from miracles. The holiday is originated from the winter solstice of the Roman Calendar which was the celebration of the Sun. December 25th was proclaimed to be the day of Christ’s birth by Pope Liberius.

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Burn, but don’t burnout

Most people work under tremendous pressure, as there is a great deal of expectation on one hand and the compulsion to conform is very strong on the other. Continuous technological development and rapid information flow are noticeable almost on a daily basis. Employers, and often even employees set the standards higher and higher, thus it is no coincidence that burnout syndrome is becoming more and more common in our age.

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Cesky Krumlov, a town from fairy tales

In South Bohemia, on the banks of the double bends of the Vltava River, there is a picturesque little town, which well deserves to be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This small charming town is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Czech Republic. With its narrow little streets, cosy restaurants, delicious cuisine and charming little shops, the historic downtown attracts tourists from all over the world.

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The Finest Art of Luxury Living

Understated luxury combines with elegant design to form the peak of Alpine living. Close to the slopes, The Crystal is your four-star superior hotel in the Ötztal, where a touch of glamour panders to your senses, exclusive living stirs your emotions, and superior service impresses you.

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