While each Christmas market is special in its own way, Colmar’s is one of the Christmas markets that has been mostly suggested to visit.

Colmar, a thirteenth-century town in the eastern French region of Alsace, looks rather a lot like it’s made out of gingerbread. Add a dusting of snow, some tasteful Christmas lights and a characterful festive market? You’ve got one of the world’s most picture-perfect Christmas destinations.

© Colmar Tourisme

Christmas traditions are, as you know, very lively in Alsace. For centuries, the region has been observing Advent, the period that commences the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Time suddenly stops, and you enter into another dimension, one of wonder and emotion.

You are in Colmar, a city of art and history, whose half-timbered houses are nestled between the hills of the vineyard and the Rhine Plain. At the foot of the Vosges, the atmosphere is completely unique: the six Christmas Markets, nestled in the emblematic sites of the historic centre, each make up a mini-village in itself containing a universe of passionate craftsmen. Upon nightfall, the magical illuminations invite you to explore the light-spangled streets between the different Markets. Just like in a sleigh straight from a book of legends, visitors slide from chalet to chalet. Cosy, authentic and welcoming, the Markets are as diverse as the city itself. A whole host of entertainment, supported by the creativity and involvement of an entire city, contributes to making the Christmas experience in Colmar totally unique.

© Colmar Tourisme

This year, the Christmas market in Colmar has officially opened on November 24, and visitors will be able to have an unforgettable experience until December 29.

Situated right in the heart of the historic town center, Colmar’s six Christmas markets radiate warmth and an inviting atmosphere to all. Each hosting its own particular theme, the markets and illuminated streets will delight young and old visitors alike.

Colmar has the ambience of the Old Town, and when decorated, you will feel like being in a fairy tale. The town centre of Colmar consists of various architectural treasures which blend wonderfully with the lighting that is specially designed to bring out the heritage of the town.