The Reisesalon was founded by Christina Neumeister Böck, and was first organized in 2012. Her idea was a high-class exclusive travel salon and not a fair, an appropriate location was chosen for this, which turned out to be the elegant halls of the Vienna Hofburg. This is a travel event in the niche segment for exclusive travellers.

How do you think people have changed their travelling habits? What are the new trends?

Spontaneous planning has become a significant part of the changes within the travel industry. In the age of technology, that we find ourselves in, users take advantage of the short-term offers that can be found in the market. We conducted a survey among the visitors of ReiseSalon and found that 72% of the respondents indicated that they travel 2-4 times per year. This result definitely showed us that there has been an increase of trips during the year as opposed to the “classic” main vacation, people usually choose to book. Specifically, we asked for the ideal dream vacation, and the top destination among the respondents was Thailand. The good news for the tourism industry is that the dream holiday should become reality within two years.

Nowadays there are several Internet travel deals but they are sometimes a big disappointment for people. What is your opinion about this?

Yes, that is sadly often the case. Many times beautiful vacation pictures promise something which proves itself to be quite different in reality. Exactly, this is what we are trying to overcome with the ReiseSalon. Our exhibitors are small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who really know “their” holiday deals and can provide the best possible professional advice to our visitors. My experience has been that once you have had a bad experience, the best choice is to seek out a professional travel agent. Many times the costs are not that different.

What extra is provided by the ReiseSalon travel fair? What makes it special?

For one reason, our exhibitors are specialized in presenting an exclusive and unique travel experience, and another reason, ReiseSalon seeks to offers its visitors a varied and informative program. Salon talks with the experts in the travel industry.Fringe entertainment programs and exciting lectures about traveling make up the full ReiseSalon experience. And finally, the exclusive location – the Hofburg Vienna- and the manageable size – being a small but fine salon – are what is so popular with our demanding audience.

Premium and luxury service providers cover almost the same areas, can they always come up with new products?

The demand for exclusive travelling is steadily increasing. All-inclusive travel is not currently at the peak of market demand, instead, more tailored vacations seem to be what the enthusiastic consumer is interested in, regarding travel deals and niche products. Qualitative preliminary consultation is what the travel-related customer demands. Travellers want to see something special and new, not places that have already been visited by millions of people before them.

ReiseSalon events are not only about selling holidays but also about providing complete professional advice for those who would like to travel.

Professional advice is a prerequisite and a characteristic of the ReiseSalon. This is appreciated by visitors and they take up a lot time (3 hours on average) to make use of the counselling advice coming from our various travel experts.

Is ReiseSalon actually a club then where the world appears? I guess you would like to make interesting things from as many countries as possible available for the club members?

Yes, maybe you could compare our ReiseSalon with a club, but it is certainly open to all who are interested. The ReiseSalon got its name because the initial idea was to create a place where people with the same passion could meet to inform each other and share their experiences, as well as, discuss exciting topics. Of course we are thrilled to welcome interesting countries, diverse destinations and unique travel deals at the ReiseSalon.

After the Hofburg, where can interested parties meet the ReiseSalon partners?

In 2015 we will once again attract numerous travel hungry visitors. The next ReiseSalon will be taking place from November 20th – 22nd in 2015 and once again, at the Hofburg in Vienna. We are looking forward to another great experience following our motto: Travel, Enjoy, Live.”