“Even if we were to succeed in protecting animals from humans, our achievement would amount to nothing. It’s only when we’ve succeeded in no longer needing to protect animals that we’ll have reached our goal. Then, we’ll truly have changed something: OURSELVES.”

– Michael Aufhauser,
the founder of Gut Aiderbichl

Gut Aiderbichl is Europe’s largest sanctuary for rescued animals. It is also a meeting place for people and animals since its founding in 2001.

Altogether, around 6.000 thousand animals are under the protection of Gut Aiderbichl on its 30 estates in six European countries. You may enjoy nature and relaxation on our publicly accessible farms in Henndorf, Iffeldorf near Munich and Deggendorf near Passau. What is special, you can do so in the midst of our many animals running all around on our farms. Get to know our lamas, cattle, goats, peacocks, dromedaries, pot-bellied pigs, raccoons and many other animals.

Go for a walk with our donkeys or watch the pigs taking their nap in the afternoon. Around every corner you will be deeply impressed by our animals and you can wait curiously for the next surprise at the next corner.

Gut Aiderbichl is also a paradise for children. During the holidays, they can be trained as a junior-team-animal-keeper by our team and get very close to the rescued animals. Being active in the junior-team doesn’t give boredom any chance during the summer holidays either.

Generally, Gut Aiderbichl is not only worth a visit in spring and summer. With our wonderfully decorated Christmas market you get the feeling to be a figure in a winter fairy tale. Aiderbichl’s farms are changed into a winter paradise for people and animals.

Since 2018, it is possible to get married in a civil ceremony at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf. The enchanting chapel, built in a small wood on a place of grandios energy, offers the special romantic atmosphere in the midst of the many rescued animals and so is unique in the world. Of course it is possible to have the wedding in the presence of lama & co, if you desire.

Unfortunately, the farms of Gut Aiderbichl that normally can be visited daily, are currently closed due to the coronavirus.
The supply of our animals is in danger. Please, support the very important work of Gut Aiderbichl with a donation or a symbolic sponsorship at www.gut-aiderbichl.com

Michael’s most important message remains to communicate to everyone:
“Animals are not objects, but empathetic fellow creatures.
They are capable of feeling pain – just as we are.”